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 HKEA Online Membership Application Form 香港出口商會網上會員申請表
Types of Membership   會員類別
Full Corporate Member
If you are general export and re-export merchant or manufacturer or whose business includes exporting and re-exporting goods from Hong Kong, or are so closely connected with the export and re-export business, you should apply for full membership.

Any Full Member shall be eligible for election as Voting Member of the General Committee of The Hong Kong Exporters' Association.

Representative of HKEA Full Corporate Member (as well as Full Individual Member) is eligible to register as an Elector in the Import and Export Functional Constituency in respect of the Legislative Council of HKSAR and as a Voter in the Election Committee Subsector. Please visit the link for details :


基本企業會員的會籍代表(及基本個人會員)可登記為立法會進出口界功能界別選民及選舉委員會界別分組投票人, 詳情請參考選舉事務處網頁:
Associate Corporate Member
If you are providing support services to exporters and re-exporters – e.g. banks, insurance, shipping, forwarding, advertising, accounting, etc., you should apply for associate membership.

Please prepare the following document for online apply the HKEA membership 請準備以下文件作網上申請香港出口商會會籍之用
1. Updated company & contact information (please fill in both Chinese and English)
2. A softcopy of your valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate
3. Deposit in Association' s account with The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. Or "Pay Online" being payment for :
可選用"網上繳費" 作為
Entrance fee HK$1,000  入會費-港幣1,000元正 (Waive on promotion period)
Full Corporate Membership subscription fee HK$3,060 (12 calendar months)
Or  基本會員年費-港幣3,060元正 (12個月)
Associate Corporate Membership subscription fee HK$2,100 (12 calendar months)   附屬會員年費-港幣2,100元正 (12個月)
Account No. 賬戶號碼:053-5-019418
Please send the bank-in slip to membership as proof of payment and together with the "Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate" copy, by fax (852) 2730 1869 or email
請把存款收據及香港商業登記證副本傳真至 (852) 2730 1869或電郵到 會員部收。
  * Only applicable for "Print version" Membership Application Form  只適用於"列印版"會員申請表  
 1. Completed Membership Application Form (please fill in both Chinese and English)  已填妥的入會申請表 (中英文資料均須填寫)
A copy of your valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate 有效之香港商業登記證副本乙份
A crossed cheque payable to “The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association” and send to below address :
(Rm. 924, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (香港九龍尖沙咀梳士巴利道三號星光行九二四室)

 Member-Get-Member Program 2018  2018會員推薦計劃
The program aims to encourage members in referring and getting more companies to join in our membership, to foster members' ties and to strengthen our network. Any member who can successfully refer a new company to join HKEA membership will be entitled to a rebate of membership annual fee in its next renewal.
此計劃鼓勵會員介紹更多企業朋友成為商會會員, 旨在加強進出口業界的聨繫, 擴展人際關係網絡。 會員成功推薦新會員可享有續會優惠。
 Remarks:   注意事項:
1. 'Member-Get-Member Program 2018' will be counted from 1 December 2017 up to end of 30 November 2018, both dates inclusive.
2. For each successful referral of a Full Corporate / Associate Corporate Member, a respective rebate of membership fee of HK$1,000 / HK$500 to the referring company in its next renewal will be granted.
成功推薦一位基本企業/附屬企業會員, 推薦公司明年可分別享有HK$1,000 /HK$500續會回贈
3. The total rebate will be accumulated but up the amount of current year's membership fee.
4. Membership name of the referring company should be marked by the new membership applicant in its membership application form for verification. Confirmation of every referral record will be sent to the referring member and also be listed in its next payment advice of membership renewal. 
新會員需在會員申請表寫上推薦公司的名稱以便核實。 如新會員成功入會,本會會發出確認通知給推薦公司及列印在其下一年度續會通知內
* The Hong Kong Exporters' Association reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
* The Hong Kong Exporters' Association reserves the right to grant the privileges and makes the final decision.


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